Saturday 20th December 2014,
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Jeff Jucha

Founder, Level 2 Trainer


  • CrossFit Level 2
  • CrossFit Level 1
  • CrossFit Competitor Trainer
  • AFPA Certified Master Trainer, AFI member
  • Health and Exercise Science (University of Arkansas at Little Rock)
Jeff has been a name in the fitness industry for over 7  years and a life-long athlete. He has extensive training in exercise science from universities, as well as real-life experience including apprentice-ships with pro-level sports trainers and World-Olympic sports therapists.

I CrossFit because

CrossFit is addictive for me. The people, the results, and the fun. Its something healthy to be addicted to!

I coach because

I love coaching, its the best time of my day and I am extremely passionate about helping other’s improve their fitness. I also like making others laugh…coaching allows me to do that. 

My secret exercise is

Bar Muscle Ups

My worst exercise is


My favorite “cheat” meal is

Anything with the word “Reeses” involved 





Roby Rhoads

Level-1 Trainer



  • CrossFit Level 1
  • Roby is a former Marine and graduate of two police academies. He currently oversees police recruit training, including physical fitness and is a police K9 trainer.  Roby has a life-long passion for fitness and enjoys helping others reach and exceed their fitness goals.
  • I CrossFit because

    A friend recommended that I try crossfit.  I was bored with my workouts and thought I would try crossfit for a couple of months.  I was instantly hooked.  The results are amazing and the community is unbelievable!

    I coach because

    I enjoy helping others with their fitness goals.  Improved fitness = improved quality of life.  I also get to no rep Trent Behnke!

    My secret exercise is


    My worst exercise is

    box jumps

    My favorite “cheat” meal is

    ice cream






 Steven Nauman

Coach, USAW Level-1



I Crossfit because

I coach because

My favorite exercise is

My worst exercise is

My favorite “cheat” meal is