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Our nutrition coaching starts with six weeks of paradigm-shifting material and changes to your nutrition practice. This first six weeks will create a lot of change in body composition. Most diet programs give you a cut-and-dry meal plan with an end date and without explanation, whereas we teach and integrate healthy practices that you can continue using for the rest of your life. Everyone can benefit from our lessons, but each person experiences their own changes differently. That is why you work with a nutrition coach, who will guide you through roadblocks, troublesome patterns, co-develop strategies that apply specifically to you.

What to Expect

You will receive:

  • 60 minute initial consultation
  • EatSmart Handbook
  • 6 weeks of coach-guided homework
  • Weekly 15 minute one on one consultation each week of the program for goals/troubleshooting, and accountability
  • Body measurement evaluation
  • Follow up (30) minute end of program consultation including re-measurements

No prerequisite necessary

$150 for 6 weeks

6-Week Eat Smart© Nutrition Intro

A challenging but productive six weeks of goal setting, food tracking, lifestyle changes and mentoring.


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