There are no Silver Bullets.

There are no Silver Bullets. Only Golden BBS. What I mean is that people hire trainers because they want their problems solved. They want a

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You Can’t Get Abs

From doing one sit-up. You have to get reps in. Over many months. Possibly years. And if you want to really see them, you’ll start

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I Am So F*cking Proud Of You.

“But, why? I’ve Failed.” you say. Yes. Exactly because you’ve failed. Look, champions don’t impress me when they win; that’s just what they do. Runners

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Hippie Jeff Sh*t

The world is a giant mirror. It reflects how we feel.  If we aren’t seeing favorable things in the world reflected back to us, then

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Short Letter

There’s 7% Battery Left on My 2017 Macbook Air. So, I’m writing you a short letter. W. That is the letter. It stands for Win.

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The “R2D2 Scream Button.”

You can press a button online whenever you like to hear the sound of R2D2 go “AAAWOOOW!  Tempting, I know.  I’ve hit it more times than you

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Is Anyone Not On Drugs?

I know therapy is good for you, but alcohol works WAY quicker. Ok, it’s not the same as therapy, but it makes you forget why

Sadness be Like Pooping

You: What do I do about feeling down or sad about where I am? Me: Sadness is kinda like pooping. It’s healthy; everyone does it,


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