Why Squat

Why Squat? ⁠⁠Well, let’s answer that question with another question. Why should we learn how to drive before getting on the highway?⁠⁠Because if you’re going …

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What Should You Expect From a Coach at Your Gym?

What should you expect from a coach at your gym? ⁠⁠1) A greeting with your name.⁠-We know you. If we are making recommendations and guiding …

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Recovery on the Yellow-Brick Road.

Let’s imagine for a moment your home is swept up in a tornado and it lands on a witch. To get back home you follow …

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I’ve always failed. I’ll just keep failing.

This may be the most important lie that you hear the truth about. I have failed SOOO many times. I’ve been less successful than I …

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What will your hearse be Towing?

Have you ever seen a hearse towing A U-Haul? The only U-Haul any of us probably want to tow is a figurative one that we …

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Murph 2020 (with photos)

Welcome to Murph 2020 at WLRCF! Below you will find: A map of the Lanes and your lane assignment. The Murph Run Route. A breakdown …

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Will CrossFit get me ready for Beach Season?

What if you could make every season, “beach season?” I walked past my neighbor’s door today and saw a box from Herbalife. You know, that …

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S.E.M.M. Base

Most of us cannot jog for 8 hours straight without taking some kind of break. The same goes for work, build some breaks in your …

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“I know I should lift weights, but I don’t want to Bulk up.”

The most important thing for you to know about lifting weights and getting bulky is this: “It’s really, really hard.”  Getting lean and strong is …

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Do a Crap Job

Terry Crews’ pecs reflect his mantra about gym attendance.  “Treat it like a spa. You can even go and not workout if you don’t feel like …

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