2016 American Affiliate Cup Partner Challenge Sponsorship Materials

Welcome to the application to be a sponsor with the American Affiliate Cup.

Benefits of Partnering with us:

  • Targeting the CrossFit (trademarked) market with a trusted and familiar event brand.
  • Direct placement of your brand next to our current sponsors: Reebok, YTFS, and RockTape.
  • Social Media Engagement through our high value audience (nearly 33% of our followers purchase from us)
  • Highly-Niche Market Penetration. Your brands customers are active, buy active lifestyle products, foods, and supplements. That’s who we are, and so is our customer, and we have an entire community built around our active lifestyles.

How to partner with us:

We are currently accepting non-competing sponsorships for our online partner challenge series. Sponsors should be willing to provide:

  • $500 Sponsor Fee
  • (1) Top Finisher Prize for 6 Individuals.
  • High-Resolution Files for Graphic Design
  • Any specific products, locations, websites to be promoted.
  • Any video content for email/social media/website promotion.

Our Sponsors Receive:

  • 2016 AAC Partner Challenge “Presented by {Your Brand}”
  • Video event release sponsored by that specific sponsor.
  • Sponsors are included all print and web graphics. 
  • Sponsors will also be included in our social media outreach through posts on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Special access to our customers via “online swag-bag”
    • Include a special discount code or coupon for athletes to receive as part of competing with us.
      • (We recommend this to be a larger one-time discount to bring in new business)

Please Email Us To Inquire:

[email protected]


Useful Links:

Registration site
Facebook (AAC)
Box Pro Magazine Article 

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