2019 Gymnastics Camp

When: April 28 – June 2

Where: West Little Rock CrossFit

Who: Jeff Jucha CCFT

What: This workshop and coaching series involves short lectures, demonstrations, and in-person coaching, as well as video coaching to give you an understanding of not just how the most common gymnastics moves in CrossFit should look, but how they should feel when done correctly. 

By the end of the course, you will have a much higher level of strict gymnastics strength and gymnastics movement skill. You’ll also have a clear path to progress month after month from:

Knee raises –> cycling toes 2 bar,

Pull-up singles –> kipping pull-ups

Kipping –> *butterfly pull-ups

Workshops are held from 12:00-1:15 on the Sundays listed below.

Limited spots are available! Register here-> https://wlrcf.pushpress.com/open/purchase/prd_637c767467061a

Limited spots are available! Register here-> https://wlrcf.pushpress.com/open/purchase/prd_637c767467061a

*Butterfly pull-ups aren’t for everyone.
Those who are very strong and have excellent shoulder mobility can work on these.
The goal should be multiple strict pull-ups and efficient kipping pull-ups before
moving to butterfly.


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