A Bitter Sip Of Why

If all the coffee had spoiled to poison overnight, tomorrow, some people would still drink it. That’s how anchored to vices we are. That’s how badly we believe we need something that we never needed to begin with.

We aren’t afraid of a stress-related heart attack if we stop drinking. We’re afraid we won’t have the patience to turn our phones off, delete social media for a week, try a yoga class, and tell people “no.”

We aren’t afraid of being lethargic all day if we skip coffee in the morning. We’re just unsettled by going to bed at a decent hour, having a little more fruit and water in the day, and becoming active enough to earn a good night’s rest.

I’m no sage. I enjoy a cup of jo, but it’s still less bitter than going one extra layer of “why” beyond why we won’t change.


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