Basketballs Are(n’t) Valuable

I was asked, “Why should I go to a CF gym when I could just do my own thing with the cheap gym membership I already have?”

My actual answer: “That’s why. Because, you said you could do your own thing, instead of saying you already do.”

But that was only for that specific person. The real answer is actually a question.

“What is the value of a basketball?”

In my hands, it’s worth nothing.

In Lebron James’ hands, it’s worth millions upon millions.

If you put it in my hands and have Lebron show me how to use it, it’s now worth a lot more than it originally was.

It’s not the ball that’s valuable, it’s what you do with it that’s valuable.

Doing more snatches won’t make you better at snatches. Downloading a lifting program and doing accessory work will not stop you mid-session and tell you that your setup isn’t right, or spot your core-to-extremity violations or early arm-pull. It won’t provide you with a structure of social support or a positive atmosphere to grow in. But, being coached will.


Let us be your Lebron.


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