F You, Mountain.

We lose our resistance to stress if we’re always pandering to our comforts.

This is a fundamental teaching of CrossFit and life in general.

I’m not telling you that you should stop doing things you’re good at. If you’ve already climbed a mountain, you deserve to take in the view from the top. You’ve made it! Kick back and enjoy seeing the backs of birds as they fly. Really, think about that. Mountain tops aren’t for rest; they’re for comfort.

And that’s the problem with climbing a mountain; there’s nowhere else to go from the top unless you convince yourself that you need to descend the thing you worked so hard to climb. THAT’S a fun internal conversation.

My 2 cents:

Growth is not unlike a horizon. Once you reach it, there’s another waiting for you. You don’t have to backtrack any; you just aim for the new one with all the successes and failures that brought you to here, and start walking again.

There’s a quote;

“Success is one-half discomfort and one-half rest.”
-Someone smarter than Jeff.

You’ll reach the place you’ve been traveling to and need some well-deserved rest, but only for the work ahead to look forward to.

The most crucial question to ask isn’t “How do I stay here;” it’s “Now what?”

And the answer to that question is, “do it with a weighted vest.”

Have fun.


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