“Free Throw” Decisions

What if you didn’t have to make any decisions?


You walk into a car dealership (bless your soul) and say “My Name is Jeff, I want to buy a car.” And voilà! The salesman roles out a shiny new car for you to take home.


Car salesman: You’re going to love this! It comes with turbo-charged engine xenon headlights, parking assist, leather interior, and an ejector seat.


Jeff: But I need a truck bed to move materials and let my wet dogs ride in once in a while.


Car Salesman: Well, trust me, this is the best option for everyone.


Some businesses work well this way. Hell, some exist for the sole purpose of removing decisions for the customer, but Car dealerships sure as hell aren’t one of them.


And neither are fitness centers.


“My name is Jeff, I want to lose fat and not feel so tired all the time.”


Salesperson: Great! Let me show you around. Here is our cardio theatre, basketball courts, pool, and the abdominal circuit for you to really bring out your lower abs.




Salesperson: We’re also having a New Years special! You’ll get free tanning for a month if you sign up today.


Jeff: I don’t think I’m eating right. I think I eat pretty good, but I’m no expert and clearly, it’s not working. Can someone help me with nutrition and just give me some help with planning workouts?­­


Salesperson: Oh sure, you can hire a trainer for $xx.xx extra as an add-on to your membership.


Jeff: So I’m still paying for basketball?


Many of us know our current position and our destination. But we need help to figure out how to connect the two of them. That’s the job of an expert. They listen first and fill in the gaps with a recommendation they made based on what’s important to us.

All of the things we don’t really need are features. Their benefit to us is negligible if it even exists all and in reality is just something to charge us for.

Is a decision made without listening first, a good one?

Is a pre-meditated plan right for you? or anybody?

There are places where the expert will listen first, and then help you make the right decision for you. You don’­­­­­t have to drive a car that doesn’t fit your needs.


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