Hippie Jeff Sh*t

The world is a giant mirror. It reflects how we feel. 

If we aren’t seeing favorable things in the world reflected back to us, then it’s us we need to work on. 

If you don’t see much laughter, give yourself permission to be the funny one in the room.

If you don’t see much giving, give yourself permission to give.

If you see less than a tolerable amount of human connection and care, give yourself permission to lead the way. 

Do you want to feel strong? Lift something.

Do you want to feel love? Love somebody.

Want to feel lucky? Go make somebody feel lucky.

Want to feel attractive? Go tell someone how beautiful they look today.

What I mean is you’ll only have what you give yourself permission to have, and the instant you start giving the world exactly what you want to experience for yourself, you’ll have already received it. 

How beautiful is that?


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