How the “Ranch Dressing Diet” Works

I bet your thinking “this is too good to be true…”

So, I was having my favorite salad last Sunday. It’s a big one at a local pizza place in Little Rock. I ordered it with additional bacon and chicken. I also got ranch dressing to go with it. The server brought out a 120ml cup filled with the delicious sauce of the gods and set it in front of me.

I knew the salad had 810 calories with the chicken and bacon already on it. I wondered if the calorie count I looked up in my food tracking app included dressing.

It did not.

“Great, I’m about to down half a day’s worth of food in one meal, and it’s not even pizza.”

But then I remembered how my girlfriend (who was sitting across from me with the same order) eats salad dressing. Instead of dumping the cup on the salad, she would dip her fork in it and only use enough dressing for each bite. How genius? You get dressing with every bite but not too much, and nothing gets wasted.

I wanted to know just how much of a difference this made. I compared the quantity left in a full dressing cup to one that had the fork dipped in it. The difference was around1/4 cup.

That’s 230 calories in just dressing.

That’s cutting my ranch intake in half, and not suffering ranch withdrawals.

That’s a Ranch diet.

But, that’s also a strength session.

That’s 24 minutes on an assault bike.

That’s worth noticing.

I looked across the table to see that genius in action, and my girlfriend had already dumped the entire cup of dressing all over her salad.

Everything in moderation, even moderation.


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