I See You

Yes, you.

I want you to know that you are awesome. I want you to know that all of us at WLR believe in you. I want you to know that your efforts are noticed. We see you.

Maybe you are someone who hides in the back of the class because you don’t want extra attention on you. You may see the few pounds that you wanted to lose this week and didn’t, but I see something else.

I see someone with a busy life. Someone who took a step in the right direction and granted themselves an hour to workout. Someone who rushed around all day to get everything checked off their to-do list before class. Someone who has been taking care of others. I see someone whose life got busy, and that is ok. I am grateful to be surrounded by good people.

Maybe you are someone who is embarrassed because you are putting 10lb plates on your bar, while others are using 45lb plates. You see yourself as less than, but I see something else.

I see a humble person who is making a smart decision. Someone who worked a long shift, but still made coming to the gym a priority. Someone who woke up in the middle of the night to tend to a crying child. Someone who has a lot on their mind. Someone who is brave enough to go lighter for the sake of safety. I am thankful to you for casting your ego aside.

Maybe you are someone who showed up late to class. You may see yourself as a bother as you apologize over and over, but I see something else.

I see someone who got stuck on a phone call at work. Someone who had to drop their kids off at the sitter so they could get in an uninterrupted workout. Someone who was at the mercy of their egotistical boss. Someone who travels quite some distance to get to the gym and got stuck in traffic. I am happy you made it in.

Maybe you are the last person finished the workout. As you are gasping for air, you see yourself as “out of shape,” but I see something else.

I see someone who wanted to push themselves a little harder. Someone who decided to step out of their comfort zone. Someone who honored the fact that their journey is unique to them. Someone who decided today was the day they stopped caring what others think. I am proud of you.

Maybe you are the person that is constantly answering the question, “Where have you been?” You see yourself as a failure, but I see something else.

I see someone who is resilient. Someone who is coordinating sports’ schedules, drop-offs, and dinners. Someone who took on an extra project at work to provide for their family. Someone who temporarily lost motivation, but found it again. I will always hold the door open for you.

If you aren’t exactly where you want to be, just keep pushing forward.

Remember that we all see the real you, and we are damn proud of you.


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