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Re-paving the boulevard of broken thoughts. 

Why start with mindset? 


The answer is simple. Because no physical feat has ever been purely physical. No endeavor regardless of how large or small has ever been accomplished without the vast majority of the work being done in your mind. 


Our mindset shapes whether we believe we can learn and change and grow – or not.

Your physical capacity to change is tiny compared to your mind’s ability to drive change in all facets of your life. That’s a mouthful but so important, it needs repeating.

Your physical capacity to change is tiny compared to your mind’s ability to drive change in all facets of your life.


Your body’s current level of strength is almost laughable compared to what you mind can grow your strength level to. 


Your productivity doesn’t currently hold a candle to what you’re really capable of if you attack a goal with a powerful mind compared to an untrained mind. 


Think of what you’ve accomplished in the last few years. Now, ask yourself what it would take to double, or even triple that type of growth and change. No really, f*cking do it. Write that out. What would that look like?


 What would happen if you picked out just one thing you really, really wanted to accomplish and stopped doing the things that don’t line up with that? Hell, that’s enough to spur phenomenal growth, let alone what you can do if you added things that line up with that goal, in place of the things that you removed that don’t. 


It’s remarkable. We don’t even know how efficient, efficient people can become. It’s off the charts how efficient they can become. 


All of this change in production, capacity, and progress begins in the mind.


Example Tales

Short Tale

In 2004, I was in a horrific car accident. Multiple people died, including my friend who wasn’t old enough to get a driver’s license. Everyone involved was heavily injured including me, although I see myself as incredibly lucky. I broke 9 bones. My left leg was snapped clean through and twisted backward. I also had a head injury, lacerated organs, and enough road rash and deep gashes to be asked fairly often if I am a combat veteran. 


In 2019 the CrossFit open threw me a curveball. Each week, HQ releases a workout with no warning as to what it will be. Pistol squats have always been the one movement I cannot do. It involves standing on one leg, then squatting ass to grass, and return back up to standing without allowing your other leg to touch the floor. A feat for any fit person with a good leg. For me, pistols were more of a “defeat”. Then the 2019 CrossFit open happened, and I had a mindset that was ready.


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One way to think about the mind as a field of rich soil that grow whatever you plant in it and nurture. If I fill my field with complaints, excuses, or stories as to why I am not responsible for how I operate, then I will have a field lush with excuses and complaints, and I will grow more of them, until they grow into my reality.  I have to intentionally choose to stop nurturing those thoughts and attitudes so I can turn my attention to nurturing production, positivity, kindness, and responsibility. I want to grow these things, and they aren’t going to grow into real-life changes if I don’t stop watering the B.S. and start watering the goods stuff.



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