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When It comes to changing body composition. The first step is often not what most people expect. While eating better quality foods is a good change, learning what you actually need to change, should come before you start changing. Many of

We are in a society that is often “taught to go on a diet”.


Pop fitness culture has led a person in so many directions to lose weight or gain health, that there is no longer a clear system to most methods. There are “tips” and headlines that direct you to an article to read or a product to buy, but no real principle to stick to. Try this for a week and tell me the way you look and feel doesn’t speak volumes far beyond any health or fitness magazine or youtube video.





Start moving towards a diet comprised of what you see in the pyramid at the right. Don’t worry too much about organic this or that or if you are getting too many calories from all those nuts.  I have never moved someone’s food intake from the general American diet towards this pyramid and not seen drastic changes and good outcomes.

  • Protein (meat) and veggies with every meal.
  • Get nuts and seeds (and other oils) in you to stay feeling full.
  • Have a couple medium-sized fruit every day (great around a workout)
  • Stay the hell away from processed sugar and sugar substitutes for a while until you understand how they affect you.

You should make sure you are getting some quality exercise in. I love CrossFit and it holds a lot of benefits for the average person who wants to look and feel better. The pyramid on the right is a broken down version of the elements of CrossFit. For some people this can be running, playing sports or a treadmill and some free weights at the local gym. Thats fine, just make sure you prioritize your food quality over exercise. Get those priorities straight and give your body what it wants and needs in order to serve you well.

IMG_6524As always, if you have questions or want help with your efforts or goals. Just give us a call.


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