Perfect Day Prompt

My Perfect Day

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Where would you live?

What would your house look like?

What time would you wake up?

What would you do in the morning?

What would you have for breakfast?


What would you do in the first half of your day?

What would you have for lunch?

With whom would you eat?

What would you have for dinner?

Where would you eat?

With whom would you eat?

What would you talk about?

What would your friends be like?

What would the mundane, everyday aspects of your life look like?

What would you do for personal fulfillment?

What life purposes would you strive toward?

Would you be a coach?  Would you have Personal Training clients? 

What business/businesses would you be running, and what would it/they look like? *This doesn’t disqualify you from employment. We mentor multiple business and gym owners to build their dream business.

What time would you start work?

What would you actually do at work?

What would your clients be like?

What would your family relationships be like?

What would you do for family time?

What would you do at night?

With whom would you do it?

What would your thoughts be before you go to sleep?

What’s your current day like, and how does it differ from your perfect day?


The key here is to write and keep writing until you have a clear vision of what you really, really want. You can edit out as much or as little as you like. We start with the end in mind. Asking “How much money do you want to make?” is really avoiding the important questions isn’t it? Questions like, “What kind of life do you want to build and live?” If you’re clear and feel that working with us can push the needle in that direction, then submit your perfect day and apply!


So, You’re Stuck.

I’ve listened to a few thousand people bullsh*t me about their “goals.” (more on that tomorrow) Me: Why do you want to do this program?

Warning: Intense.

If you looked back on this post a month from now, would you be glad you took it to heart? OR would you once again


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