Seatbelt, or Never Be The Same

My dad never wore his seatbelt when he drove. Neither did I.

Until the day I was in a tragic car wreck.

I lost my friend in an instant. The first love of my life was injured in a way that she’d never remember me again, and my dad got a call he may lose his son that night.

See, my dad KNEW he should wear a seat belt, and wouldn’t. But, since that day my dad FELT in the deepest of places that you’ll never be able to touch or take from him why he must wear a seatbelt.

Now, you’ll never see me or him without it on. If you ride with me, you wear a seatbelt, or you ride with someone else. When your conviction is that strong, it will overpower anyone’s convenience.

Thats the difference between knowing we should do something vs feeling WHY we must do something.

You want to change for real? Allow your “why” to come through.

So, whats the why for you? I wish and hope it’s less tragic but just as intense.


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