Should you take them? Are they dangerous? Where does Jeff stand on the issue?

Most people who think about taking juice do the same thing. Look at their goals, weigh out the positives vs. the negatives, read tons of forums or social media, and eventually give up and go to a “doctor’s office” to get Testosterone Replacement Therapy. 

So first off, know that most steroid users are people you know who do it recreationally without being obscenely muscular or big. They want to feel and look better, not crush you with one hand.


The literature is there. Altering your hormones is linked to negative health outcomes, but so is drinking, driving too fast, not wearing sunscreen, and giving me two shots of espresso with no one to talk to. 

Roid rage? Not real. It just amplifies who you are. Nice folks become more confident in being nice. Assholes become more assholey.

My stance on roids?

We know very little about how life works. For example, we can’t comprehend the complexity that makes a dung beetle roll domes of doo doo. (Domes of Doo-Doo is a great band name.) We don’t have a map of a dung beetle’s neurons, chemicals, or origins of its awareness. Does it know it’s Doo-Doo Sisyphus? 

Now consider the in-comprehensible about of organisms on the planet. Go ahead. My brain hurts just editing my own basic-ass writing let alone, adding big numbers.

Finally, consider the incomprehensible amount of systems connecting those organisms. We can’t kill the honeybees without possibly destroying the planet. I’m allergic to them, and I’m still rooting for them to make it. 

So, I’m saying you can weigh the pros vs. cons and make your own decision. But at scale, nature is a lot better at this life thing than we are. Using steroids removes the chance for nature to show you what she and you are capable of without them. 

Have you seen the movie The Revenant? Mother nature is pretty fucking metal. Leonardo Di Caprio gets into quite the slap-and-tickle match with a bear. It’s nuts, but someone needed to warn that bear about Leo. 

Have fun. 

Bears like honey. No bees mean no honey. We don’t want a bunch of pissed-off bears. Save the bees…

You knew I’d tie it all together somehow.


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