I Started a Gym and Ended up with…

In my early twenties, I managed a globo-gym. In that role, I got to know quite a few people who came in on the regular. When someone I looked up to had a birthday (because the computer told us their birthday) It was my ritual to ask them for 1 lesson to give me from their past year.

“Don’t spend more than you make. You don’t need much to live. You don’t need much more than that to be happy.”

“Go out of your way to do nice things for people. Simply because. Don’t expect anything back.”

“Don’t drink too much water before you go to bed at night. You’ll have to wake up to go to the bathroom.”

Some were more practical than powerful.

I was a student then. I used every elective credit in my 7 years of college for philosophy classes and I still didn’t graduate. So naturally, I loved anything that was stoic, wisdom-y, zen, etc.

I have a confession. I haven’t asked anyone for a lesson since 2011. I started my business that year and forgot about the ritual. But 6 years of life brought me one of my own. What would I say to 2012 Jeff?

It isn’t fitness-related but kind of.

“Allow people to surprise you, even yourself.”

You don’t have to only believe in something. You could do more if you want.
You can be the catalyst for it.
You can allow it.
You can empower it.
You can even fight for it.

The same could be said about others. The same must be said about you.

I’ve watched hundreds of people change my life this past year, and possibly not even know it.

The power of a single human being dwarfs any fear, any weapon, any idea, and any resource. This means you. You have that power.

Allow others to transform and emerge. Not only do they deserve someone to believe in them. You deserve to be a part of their story of change.

If we could walk into a place where even just a couple people believed in us, we could change anything. Do anything. Be anything. And we could do it without fear because the people there accept us regardless of how many flaws we have.


Imagine a place where 10, 20, 30…everyone believed in you…

If you can change anything with a couple people who believe in you. You can do even more here.

And on a personal note…

You should start a gym, and end up with a family.


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