Take Off the Old You

You don’t need it anymore. ⁠

The skills, the habits, and the knowledge that brought you “here”, may not take you “there.”⁠

We upgrade our phones, our cars, our wearable tech, but when was the last time you upgraded your identity? ⁠

You started working out with a coach. You began tracking your food and learning how powerful a community can be in coercing you to see what you’re made of. ⁠

At some point, you started as “a person who wants to become healthy and in shape.” Through everything you did, you stopped being someone who “wanted” and started becoming someone establishing a healthy relationship with your body, with your food, with a gym, and most importantly, with yourself.⁠

Are you still carrying around the identity of that person you were when you started? Or are you someone new, with new wisdom, new habits, and new surroundings that you brought into your life? ⁠

Look in the mirror and acknowledge who’s there. ⁠

Take off the old you. What’s underneath?⁠



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