The Problem With How We Start

You can have any color you like, so long as it’s black

-Henry Ford

If you came to me 5 years ago and said “I want to lose weight, help me out.” I would have made a grave mistake. I would have said something like “You need to exercise 3-5 days per week, stop drinking beer and eating bread and dairy, and meal prep really clean food every Sunday and Thursday. It’s gonna be hard but it will be worth it!

I can tell you today, this is not how you should get started.

If someone has a solution loaded up and ready to go for your problem, I can guarantee you one thing, Its wrong.

If someone wants to help you- they  listen. The first step, (and the sign of a professional) is to always listen first.

If you go to a doctor, they will listen before prescribing medication.

If you go to your best friend with a problem, they will listen before offering advice.

If you come to me with a goal, I will listen before mapping out how we are going to get there. I call it the No-Sweat Intro.

  • Why did you come in today?
  • Why is that goal important to you?
  • How would you and your life be different if you had reached that goal, but didn’t have a scale?
  • Why do these things matter to you?

And then I learn about your schedule, your family, your work, your availability, your habits, your passions, your values, things you love, things you avoid, “What makes you, you?”

NOW, I can start building a solution. Because now, I know how to help you.



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