“The Thing” Us Gym-Goers Are Experiencing.

As millions of gym-goers are looking for something new to work up a sweat, some are turning to something old.

Many of us did “something” before we signed up at the gym. We ran track in high school. We played sports. We rode bikes around the neighborhood. We skateboarded and got yelled at by the stereotypical mom and pop from the mom and pop store.

The beauty of it is that there aren’t any questions the need to be asked. There’s no plan needed to get back into “the thing” or get better at it. You just do it.

It may be nostalgia. It may be the sunshine and slightly singed skin, or the laugh from your wife when you reveal your helmet hair after a ride. “The thing” is different for everyone, but it feels good for everyone.

When “things” get back to normal, we should include more of “your thing” in the new normal.


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