Trust Falls

Trust falls are probably the least effective way to find out if someone is trustworthy enough to catch you. Trust falls aren’t about the catcher. They are about your ability to let go and BELIEVE that everything is going to be alright.

Telling yourself that it will be alright requires nothing. Believing that it will be alright requires action.

– It requires you to have a difficult conversation with your boss.
– It requires counting your macros and doing this whole “eating right and working out 3x week thing” even though you haven’t noticed the changes you came for…yet.
– It requires you to start doing the things you are unsure you can do and figure it out along the way.

Even if your catching partner blinked and you hit the floor, you still pass the test. You believed that you would either be caught or would find a way to pick yourself up and use your new found power to plant legos for your clumsy catch partner to step on later.


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