What Should You Expect From a Coach at Your Gym?

What should you expect from a coach at your gym?

⁠⁠1) A greeting with your name.
⁠-We know you. If we are making recommendations and guiding you on life changes, the base layer of care is to know the client and how what we give you in here, affects you “out there.”⁠⁠

2) Attention.⁠
-Anyone can be at the front of a room and give directions. It takes a coach to find ways to help you get even just 1% better each time you come in.

⁠⁠3) Big Positive Energy.⁠
-Grumpy coaches went extinct in the 90s. Not only will a coach be able to deliver world-class fitness, but they’ll also be able to deliver it in a way that makes you want to come back over and over.


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