“Who We are” Ep: 1 of Central Arkansas GritCast


Welcome to Episode 1 of the Central Arkansas Fitcast!

In this episode, we (your hosts) talk a little bit about who we are and what to expect from the podcast. We have a lot of relevant and entertaining episodes planned with guest speakers, CF Athletes, meaningful topics, ideas, and all things going on in the fitness community of Arkansas. Tune in and bear with us as we progress and build an increasingly better podcast, video, and interview resource for you!


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2:02 Jeff Jucha and exploring your gift.

3:46 Pete Iobani and seeking answers to problems.

6:40 Why this podcast? “Dave Tate and Planting Seeds”

14:20 “Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary”

17:50 Why be a box owner? “The Birth of West Little Rock CrossFit”

28.49 “Owning vs Possessing”

29:43 “Moving from coaching to owner to CEO”

31:30 Pete’s move from New York Sports Club

35:10 Who should listen to this podcast?

39:30 Itunes, Video, and Upcoming Events in Central AR

Rep’n on the River Competition

Central Arkansas Jingle Bell Rock – FREE Assault Bike

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