0 or 2 problems

Your problem is different than “the problem”.

“Your problem” is why you cant do it, or make progress.

“The problem” (problem #2) is your inability to ask for help in solving your problem. This is a bigger problem than the first one.

The first problem is that you don’t make choices to get up earlier and workout. You don’t pre-make your breakfasts so they are ready for the week. You’re sitting when you could be standing, reaching for diet soda when your body wants water, and watching seasons of This is Us on Netflix when you could be stretching that low back pain that “stops you” from exercising.

None of those problems are going to go away.

You cant fix “your problem” without addressing “the problem”.

If you ask for help and receive accountability and guidance, the first problem will begin eroding. It’s a beautiful thing to witness.

A problem that you are taking action steps towards is no longer a problem, It’s progress.

You solve problem #1 by addressing problem #2.

You can have 0 problems or 2.


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