There are no Silver Bullets.

There are no Silver Bullets.

Only Golden BBS.

What I mean is that people hire trainers because they want their problems solved. They want a silver bullet. “I give you money; you give me my confidence and health back.”

You can pay for a silver bullet, but a great trainer will give you hundreds of small, golden BBS instead.

BBS are choices.

To eat like you have a goal you care about
To write your goal down daily until you have it
To consume pages filled with powerful lessons instead of empty calories
To look in the mirror and say, “I deserve to look and feel amazing AND experience an amazing life.” three minutes per day until you start believing it.

Added up over time, golden BBS weigh more than a silver bullet.

And as someone who owns firearms, I can tell you that a rifle is for fun. But if there’s a coyote after my chickens, shotguns don’t miss.

TLDR: When you hire a trainer, it’s not about them solving your problems.
It’s about them empowering you to make the small, consistent choices that lead to your own success.


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