Life, as Indicated by a Graph.

Consider the following graph. We’ll call it Graph #1

It represents anything we want more of:

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Friends
  • Puppies

We could all agree that we are at a good point. Health and Puppies are at an all-time high.


Now, Consider Graph #2

It represents the same thing, but at a different point in time.

Puppies and watching episodes of Friends with our friends is not on a high note. In fact, it used to be even better than it is now. We can see that there are good times to come because its’ a graph, but we wouldn’t see what is coming in real life. We only know what has happened, and whats happening now.

We can all agree that Graph #2 is not as desirable as Graph #1.




Now, Back it out and look at the big picture.

Perspective will change reality. Short term focus does not allow you to view long-term progress for what it is.

When in doubt, remember to back it out and look at the big picture.

You can rest assured knowing that health, puppies, and Friends episodes are nearing an all-time high.


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