Comparing Myself to Others

Seth Godin Wrote
Faster, Better and More
The trifecta of competition:

Faster than the other guy. Faster to the market, faster to respond, faster to get the user up to speed.

Better than the other guy. Better productivity, better story, better impact.

and More. More for your money. More choices. More care. More guts.

You have more competition than you did yesterday. I expect that trend will continue.


What is your competition?

Unless you are trying to win the CrossFit Games or something similar in scale, your trifecta shoudn’t contain other people.

My Trifecta looks like this.

Faster than the doctor. Faster to the disease punch. Preventing lifestyle-related afflictions is lightyears ahead of treating them.

Better mood. Better energy, emotions, decision-making, and experiences. We don’t know how good being healthy can feel until we actually get there. When we do, the aversion of sickness is set. If life can feel this good, I’m not going back to Cheetos and Mountain Dew.

More everything. More self-respect. More resilience. More productivity during the day. More years on earth. More memories made with family and friends in those years. And they aren’t tacked on at the end of your life. Those years start now.

You CAN have elements of both trifectas.

Competing with others can be fun. It can push us to do better than when we are alone. I do it regularly, but I don’t lose sleep at night because Noah Olsen can do more muscle ups than me.

Or that Brooke Wells can probably deadlift more than me…and probably goes on more dates.

I’m winning my trifecta. Are you winning yours?


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