Keep Your Hopes Up High and Your Head Down Low.

From an early age, a boy named Ludwig Von Beethoven showed interest in music.

Beethoven was not maestro the first day (or even year) he played the piano. It would be another 16+ years before he was considered to be a musical virtuoso by the public.

Suffering from a setback in his thirties he referred to as a  “buzzing” in his ears, he continued practicing and playing.

By 44, he was deaf.

He continued to practice and play.

He wrote String Quartet No. 14 in 1826, formed entirely of those sounds of his imagination. He was 56

He is considered the world’s most important musician.

You may feel that joining a gym or working out will take time away from your family, or that it would add stress to you’re already hectic schedule and drain your energy. You don’t have time, money, and support. Or maybe you just don’t feel the willpower right now.

Alternatively, you may feel that working out gives you more time with your family. Regular exercise will reduce stress and increase the mood and energy you have each day. You can make more time & money. You can find support by starting and draw on more willpower that you didn’t know you had since you hadn’t needed it before.

Your mindset can be a powerful tool for tearing down or building walls. In Carol Dweck’s book “Mindset”, She describes a fixed mindset vs a growth mindset.

People who are currently (but not permanently) in a fixed mindset believe that things are the way they are. You are either good at something or bad at it. Talent or luck determines success, and that skill, proficiency, and character traits are fixed.

People who are in a growth mindset believe that things are what people make and change them to be. You can get better in areas you currently lack in through practice. You can also become better at things you are already great in through practice. The continued effort, focus, and learning on a subject improves your success at it. Skill, proficiency, and character traits change when you believe that you can change them and act accordingly.

Beethoven, Serena Williams, Michael Phelps, Jimi Hendrix, your neighbor who lost 80lbs and goes for a jog each morning. What looks like talent or luck, is often just a lot of practice.


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