Should You Workout Alone?

Do you like working out alone?

I doubt it.

Few of us truly like pushing hard in a corner where no one can see.

Even then, it’s usually toward improvement in a sport or event where others will eventually be taking part in it. So you’re not really alone anyway.

Maybe you don’t like others seeing:

-you stop.

-Or fail.

-Or look silly learning something new.

Guess what?

-We all stop.

-We all fail.

– We all look like a baby giraffe after two Vegas bombs when we learn something new.


I train next to @cf_kiefer on heavy days because I know I’m not gonna beat him. He’s strong like Hercules and flexible like Gumby (Gumbercules, my favorite superhero). But I try harder when I’m chasing him, get cheered on when I lift heavier than I thought I could and remember we are both humans when either of us misses or fail.

-Most of us don’t like training alone.

-Some like insulation from being seen.

-But all of us can grow together.

Maybe that’s in a group. Maybe it’s with an expert coach guiding you through (3) 30-minute sessions each week. But, you’ll get there faster with another’s support.


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