3 Steps to Stop Stagnating

If you are not moving closer to a result that you want to obtain, or becoming a person you want to be, try this method I use diagnose peoples sticking points, in order for them to break through them and see some real progress.

The reason you are closer to where you want to be, is because of what you’re either doing, or not doing.

If you want to drive to New York, it’s not done by creating super awesome plans and putting your destination in your GPS. It’s done by getting the in car and driving there. It’s the execution that counts.

  1. What are you doing right now that is allowing you produce the result you want? What is actually paying off? Pick three things.
    1. ___________
    2. ___________
    3. ___________
  2. What is something that you are not doing right now that you know would help you create that result? What is something you know would pay off, but just aren’t doing or doing consistently? Pick 2 things.
    1. ___________
    2. ___________
  3. Out of  those 2 “lacking elements” Just pick one….AND F#CKING CRUSH IT THIS WEEK.
  • Want to be leaner? Wake up early 3x this week and do 20-30 minutes of aerobic work.
  • Want to be stronger? Get on a strength training program and make time for it.
  • Want to drop 20 lbs but you’re still eating pasta and bread? Do one week of eating fruits and veggies instead. This is literally the first thing I get people to stop eating when they want to break their bad food habits.

After you go a week of solid effort on what you chose, keep doing it and add it to the list of 3 (now 4) things you’re doing that are paying off. Even if it takes you a little bit longer than a week, stay on top of it and get it down as a new habit.  Then, repeat. The more elements you can add to the list of what is paying off, the better.

Day in and out, just focus on being someone who is doing something about it…whatever “it” is. There is no far off destination that requires you to pay a guru to take you there. There is only now, and what you are doing now.

Here is your “Jeff-ism” for the week.

The reason you’re not eating well and being healthy, is because you’re not eating well and being healthy. Its a process, not some place to be at in 3 months.


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