6 Things I wish I Knew Before Starting CrossFit

  1. It’s not what you think it is. 
    • A lot of us think fitness is physical. CrossFit was different for me. The social, mental, and physical aspects of my life all changed for the better since starting it. The social aspect comes from people actually talking to one another. Life needs authentic interaction and there is more than enough to go around at the “box”. My mental game changed, completely. Before I began doing CrossFit, I thought “minimum effective dose” was the way I should workout, eat, and pretty much live. I had some beach muscles, but I was starved, neglecting my potential, and teaching others that “this is what you want!” Physical improvement is just the tool. I learned grit here. I fell in love with exercise again, and found people who I cant imagine not seeing every day, while doing that.
  2. It’s not competitive…
    • Unless you want it to be. There’s over 125 members at  West Little Rock CrossFit, and maybe 10 of them like to have a little healthy competition between themselves. But other than that, your friends, and coaches just care that you are having fun and working relatively hard for yourself.
  3. It’s made for beginners.12079612_10154309353288079_8055444061781339936_n
    • If you look at ESPN, Instagram, or Facebook, you’ve probably seen some stellar bodies, and some stellar feats of fitness. But that is just the .023% of people who try CrossFit. The point of CrossFit is to build a well-rounded and balanced fitness for its participants, regardless of their starting point. I have been in class with overweight teens, men and women over 70 years young, and amputees. You wont know what it’s really like until you go visit and share your questions.
  4. It’s easier to do hard things here.
    • The 2 hang ups I know of that keeps people from the health and confidence they want, is nutrition, and time. It’s not even that these are the issue. It’s the decisions we face with them. Deciding to get up an extra 30 minutes early is easier when you have a friend (or 5!) you look forward to seeing at class. Asking for double veggies instead of fries is easier when you are in a challenge with other Crossfitters to see who can eat the most whole food meals this week.
  5. It’s pretty much therapy.
    1. Ok, maybe therapeutic community is the correct term. Interacting with good people does the soul good, and being fully engaged with them for a full hour is even better. You have to be present at CrossFit. There’s no other way to learn all the things you will in warm ups, class, and cool-down time with everyone else. I have become a fervent believer that getting outside of your own head, and away from your internal dialogue will treat anxiety and stress-related illness more effectively than any drug can touch. Now, do that 3-5x week and call me in the morning.
  6. It can change your life.
    • If the 5 previous points became a regular part of your life, how would it be different? What about your energy, sleep quality, self esteem, and relationships with friends? Our lives are only “what happens to us” to a certain extent, beyond that, our choices define it. Choosing to be a part a healthy environment can make all the difference. It did for me, and I’d wager my hard-earned Prime dollars that it would for most anyone.

…I can’t wait for my discount at whole foods.


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