Ask Me Anything: Whey or Casein?


Soooo, during the school year, I frequently have the protein shake with a salad, or even a ¼ cup of almonds.  Would I be better off with the slower digesting protein (I forgot the name of it – starts with a C)?


There are three common protein supplements out there.

  • Whey (this is fast-digesting) Great for pairing with a carb after a workout.
  • Blend (this is multiple protein sources and digests moderately slow) Great for adding into meals or upping overall protein intake.
  • Casein (this is slow-digesting) Great for bedtime if you have not met your protein intake for the day.

Total Daily intake is the most important thing. You can also add other foods (fat is best but carbs and fiber also work) to slow it down. (your almonds do that)

There was a similar question I answered recently. Here it is below:

Is it more beneficial to drink a protein shake after a workout or just randomly during your day? Or does it matter when you drink it?

Soo.. 3 parts to this answer.
1) Total daily protein is the #1 priority. So make sure you’re getting enough overall to start with. Once that’s established regularly:
2) Think of protein powder like food (not the best because it’s processed) BUT its seen as food by the body. You CAN have it anytime. preferably with fibrous carbs and fat. (Hey look, its a full meal!)
3) If you have it after workout pair it with a fast-digesting carb only, like coconut water, or a banana. no fat. The fat will slow digestion when your muscles need those nutrients most.

It’s Ideal to have whole foods throughout the day. It’s convenient and more realistic to get a post-workout shake as a meal for fast recovery from a training session.

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