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Those we trust with our issues mean well. Family, friends, and co-workers mostly just want to help. But they are going to give advice, and most likely. it’s going to be bad.

Even with a good amount of backstory, most people just don’t have enough context. They also don’t understand your private feelings, motivations, or desires. So, it’s tough to give advice that would encourage you to take action towards what really matters to you.

This leads to two challenges.

1. Ignore their advice, even the well-meant entreaties that you stick with the status quo


2. Try to determine the actually good advice, so you don’t insulate yourself in delusion.

For me- this has often been the advice that bruises the ego. That gives me the “who are you to tell me..” thoughts.

In general, this good advice pushes you to go faster or to do things that make you uncomfortable.


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