Here is How to Get Your $100 Gift Certificate.

Guess What?

We have been open for over 5 years now.

The reason why we have made it this far is because of people supporting us. Often times they don’t expect to see anything in return for dedicating their time, effort, income, and more. I want to start giving more to people for going that extra mile to see us succeed.

I’ll make you a deal.

You have a friend, co-worker, or family member that you’ve talked with about CrossFit. They are interested because they are talking about it with you. But many people don’t start because:

  1. They don’t know how.
  2. They think it’s too hard
  3. They think it’s too expensive.

So, I’m going to remedy that by giving you $100 to gift to them for the holidays. 

All you have to do is Google “West Little Rock CrossFit” and leave a review.

That’s it.

How to pick it up…

If you have already left us a review.

  • You have a gift certificate on the front entry table at the gym. It has your name on it. Come get it:)

If you have been a member but aren’t one currently.

  • Google us, leave a review and text me at (501) 650-6863. I’ll have one for you that day.
  • You can use this for another person, or for yourself to get started back with us.

If you have never tried us, but want to get the gift certificate.

What’s included:

  • (1) In-Body Composition Scan
    • We use this scan to get a look at what’s happening inside the body. You’ll learn your body fat%, lean muscle mass, hydration level, and more.
    • More info here
  • Goal Session
    • Where should you start? What program is right for you? That depends on one what you want to do, and whats important to you. That’s why we start with listening. We’ll build a goal together and back-build a path to get there.
  • 3-Month Fitness Rx
    • We know the goal, we’ve got the path set. Now let’s set some action steps to take. We’ll make a professional recommendation on what the next 3 months should look like in order to make real progress on the goals that matter to you.
  • 1 Personal Training Session (ACTION!)
    • What should your training look like? Should fat loss workouts be different than strength training? What about warm-ups, stretching, and working around injuries? We’ll craft an example session just for you and walk you through it step by step. At the end of the session, you can keep progressing with us, or you can begin work on your 3-month fitness Rx. Either way, you’ll have developed a starting point, a vision for how to get there, and received direction from a professional coach. You’ll have made headway by taking major action with us guiding you.


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