Black Heart Inertia

Unless you are prepared to overcome the inertia of complacency, you will attain little beyond what that inertia is already bringing you.

We can have the drive to improve our state, our fitness, or ourselves, but without changing up what we do, we will and must stay the same according to nature.

Your body is an amplifier of what is put in it. It’s basically the “recommended for you” program of any service.

Google shows you ads depending on what you already look at.

With Netflix, you will basically watch the same things over and over again until you die.

It takes “initiation energy” to change that. You have to stop with “This is Us” re-runs and put on “Ash vs the Evil Dead” just once, and your suggestions will begin to change.

If you consistently are inconsistent with tracking food or coming to workouts 3-5x week, you will continue to reap what inconsistency brings until you decide “No more! I’m gonna be on top of this for at least ONE WEEK!”

One week can be all it takes because next week is already closer than the previous one. and the next week, and the next…

It’s not a complete stop and start-over that needs to happen. You already have momentum. All that is needed is a slight change in course and the surroundings, journey, and you… will change.

This is how we overcome inertia and write ourselves into a different story than the one we’ve been in so far.


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