So, You’re Stuffed.

Turkey Day has come and gone, but what you had for dinner while sitting next to creepy uncle Mike, has not.

So you hop on the Googles to search “Thanksgiving WOD” and almost tap on the autofill suggestion of “Throwing off carolers” instead.

If you haven’t already selected a holiday beatdown of a workout, let me share some points that may guide you.

  • It is a Holiday, there will be more of them. It is ok to take the day off and splurge on food to partake in a tradition. You are now absolved of your sins, my son. “Wallet, keys, and phone, amen.”
  • 500+ rep workouts will not undo your Thanksgiving meal. You will just feel stuffed while doing a long workout.
  • A more effective approach that makes everyone happier is to PR a strength lift like Squat, Bench, or DL with the extra glycogen/corn casserole floating around in your bloodstream and knock out a short, brutal couplet or triplet afterward.
  • The best way to get back to baseline is that. Get back to baseline.  Eat regular sized meals, start back to drinking your daily intake of water, workout like normal.

Since there are more holidays coming, here is my plan for going into those.

  • Eat breakfast
  • Do some light activity that is not gym stuff. *Go run with the dogs, skateboard (the roads are finally mine!!!), or yoga.
  • Eat 1 plate + Desert
  • Remember that it’s not about the food. The food is a way to bring everyone to the table to be face-to-face. It’s about the connection and celebrating togetherness while we can, look forward to that, you’ll remember it. You won’t remember the food.
  • Invite someone who may not get the chance to have this experience this year into my family.
  • Don’t talk with my mouthful.

Enjoy the holidays. Let me know if you want some help you with your nutrition.



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