“But I really just enjoy the community and Working Out.”

“But I really just enjoy the community and working out.”

So do I, and gaining control of your food habits amplifies those benefits you’re getting a taste of already. If you think a drop of this CrossFit thing feels good, wait until you take a big gulp from the big picture.

The laughter makes the sadness go away.
Get it? It’ a big picture of a Big Gulp. I get validation from your pity-laughter.

Your need for stimulants drops. Your desires for depressants like alcohol dissipates. Your skin clears up. Your friends start telling you how much different you look. (they mean “better you look” but most aren’t so forward). Your confidence jumps to another level. I know this because my jokes aren’t funny. But I tell the same terrible jokes and people are laughing way more.

That’s in the first few weeks of seeing the light and taking it in.

Two months in, you look different.

Three months in, you don’t know how you lived this whole time without doing this. “Why didn’t I just do this sooner?!” is one of the top pieces of feedback we get from nutrition clients.

6 months in, you are different. You’re living a different life. You don’t stress over food choices like you used to, because you built habits with us that make your choices easy, enjoyable and almost automatic.

If you feel overwhelmed just thinking about un-fudging your food, here are two things you can do.
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