Your Foundation is Cracked and Your Cake Tastes Like Sh*t.

Imagine a cake.

You make the base layer of the cake with milk, eggs, and other good stuff, then add delicious icing and strawberries on top.

What a nice thought.

Now, rebuild the cake.

Keep the delicious icing, and strawberries, but make the base layer out of mud from your backyard.

Still want to eat it?

You probably see where I’m going with this. No amount of icing can make that cake good. A cake made with crap as the base is still a crap cake.

Working out is the icing.

The base layer is the food you put in your body.

Now, humor me one more time and go back to your cake. Make the base layer with buttercream and honey reduction sauce. Put a cheap but ok icing on it, and sprinkle some dirt on top.

Could you eat it?

Having a solid foundation of a good relationship with food is like that. Even if you miss a couple of workouts, or get sick for a week, or have a stressful few weeks at work, your body will still grow to be better and continue to improve because you prioritized the more important element, food.

You probably wouldn’t notice the dirt too much unless you were really trying to, because the base layer was so good that it overwhelmed and outweighed anything sprinkled on top that fell short.

Except for cilantro.

Cilantro is just gross.

If you feel overwhelmed just thinking about un-fudging your food, here are two things you can do.
1) Keep reading the next letters I’ll write to you this week.
2) Click here.


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