Six minutes to Change What’s Holding You Back.

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What’s even more difficult than becoming a fit person, is attaining the belief that we can become that fit person.

Time is rarely the problem. Our phone’s screen report will prove it. 

Food is rarely the problem. We have six grocery stores within driving distance with produce sections.

Information is rarely the problem. If I walk 3 miles in any direction, there are more than enough places and people who can share the rules and formula with me on how to attain lifelong health and fitness. And If I found no one, I’d be fitter for the walk.

So what’s the problem? 

The problem is often belief. 

In our heads, most of us believe we are too depressed, too stressed, too tired, too heartbroken, too inadequate, too old, too broke, or too far gone to become who we want to be, or once were. 

It’s a problem in our head, and let me tell you, we’re really lucky to have that problem.

The beauty of there being a problem in our heads is that we have the power to do something about it. And like any problem, there are multiple solutions that exist if you get creative and driven enough. 

So here’s what I’ve found to be the fastest most helpful, most effective way to change a belief. 

  1. Think of your “I’m too ____” thoughts. Write down the most prevalent one. 
    1. So you write down: I’m too depressed and stressed out to stay on track long enough to get my body back to where I want it to be. I’ll just f*ck it up again by staying home on the couch with Netflix with bad food later this week.
  2. Next to it, write down on a scale of 1-100 how true it feels. Probably 100 if you believe it.
    1. So you write down: (100)
  3. Below it, write one to three rational sentences that the best Trainer/Coach/Therapist would say to you in response to that. Here’s the kicker. They have no tolerance for B.S. They only speak firmly and honestly. They cannot lie. These thoughts should talk back to and put the lie to your “I’m too ___” thoughts.
    1.  So you write down:
    2. You’re no doubt those things, especially if you wrote down that you believe that. But that’s only a belief and not a fact. You know that you feel better when you work out, especially with other people. But bingeing anything (food or tv) does amplify depressive moods. So it makes sense that you feel this way if you’re doing these things.
    3. Not going to class when you feel down is definitely not helping your mood. You’re being your own bailiff. So, how long should you serve this sentence of feeling this way? When that time is up, are you going to release yourself and ensure you don’t prolong how your feel?
    4. Instead of amplifying your poor mood, You could commit to going to the gym three times for just this week even if, and especially if, you feel bad. Then, see if you feel better after a week. If you’re feeling better, you won’t be so depressed, then working out will seem easier to do and will keep making you feel better and better. 
  4. Next to that statement, write down on a scale of 1-100 how true it rationally is.
    1. So you write: (100)
  5. Go back to your automatic “I’m too___” thought. How much do you believe it now? How can both be true? How do you reconcile the “I’m too____” thought being 100% true if the rational thoughts are already 100% true? Cross out your original level of belief in the “I’m too___” thought and replace it with your new level of belief. Maybe it’s 20, maybe it’s 0.

Do this as often as you like. ten minutes per day for a month will work wonders.

If you’re like me, your in your head a lot. Maybe even more than you’d like to be. Without outside interruption of false beliefs, we’ll ruminate on them and start acting as if they are facts. Break it in ten minutes with the above fives steps. 

Don’t feel like you need it? Do it for fun or as a time killer and see if you spot something you didn’t even notice was holding you back. 


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