One Dollar, Four Quarters, and CrossFit.

Listen to this post with a cool beat^.

If you put a dollar in the change machine, that paper bill is reduced into four quarters almost immediately. It’s a done deal. There’s no waiting or reassurance needed. 

But if it took the same amount of time to produce those quarters as it did to design, mock-up, and print that dollar bill, you’d be in suspense for a while. That’s waiting for a result that may not come. That’s seeing the same number on the scale after weeks fo hard work.

I don’t believe we “want it all, and we “want it now” as Vercua Salt so eloquently put it in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. But, we’re irked when things don’t add up. If a person can lose 1-2lbs of body weight each week if they are eating less and working out more, we think “At that rate, I should be back in shape in just a couple of months!” 

That’s turning a dollar into four quarters.

But we don’t account for our friends coming into town for two nights of dinner and drinks. We don’t account for the setback of guessing vs measuring food and overeating when we thought we weren’t. We don’t account for the learning curve. 

That’s the process of design, edit, print, and production of the change machine. That’s how one dollar becomes four quarters.

That’s the real work. Instagram, television, and ads don’t show it. The sell is “you need change, we got it.”

We won’t give you quarters. We’ll show you how to build the machine so you can have quarters whenever you like, whether it’s through group CrossFit, Personal Training, or Nutrition Coaching.

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