Some brands are cheaper.

You can tell without looking at the price tag. All you have to do is look at how many new products they sell vs. the already sold products they service. The gesture of a brand to take care of what they sell you (a promise) not only changes the quality of what they to give to you. It changes your relationship with the actual product.

Dog leashes at big chain pet stores are chewed through, lost, and become frayed at the stitches after so many winters.

Lupine Pet Products, however, guarantees, repairs, and replaces their leashes for life. Not only do people get more use out of a Lupine leash, but they also don’t lose them like they would a cheap leash. The know who made their dog’s leash, and they’ll gladly tell you.

Patagonia will repair any garment for a small, reasonable cost. On their website, they even encourage you to buy used and repair one of their garments instead of buying new ones. I have friends who have owned a Patagonia jacket for over ten years.

Nobody brags about how cheap their gym is. Or that they don’t get much out of it.

Because cheaper is not better, better is better.

Better will solve problems. Cheaper will cause them.

Proof? Brands like Patagonia and Lupine exist (and thrive) because they solve the problem of cheap.

When it comes to gyms, haircuts, health, food… Is cheap what you really want?


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