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Jeff Jucha

Jeff Jucha



I’m Coach Jeff Jucha, a certified personal trainer, a certified nutritionist, and the head trainer here at West Little Rock CrossFit.

Being a part ofWLRCF gives me the opportunity to help so many people reach make real changes in their health, body image and live life to the absolute fullest, and helping people is one of my most fulfilling passions in my life.

My mission is to guide people to discover their best version of themselves. This is exactly why got out of the “globo-gym” industry years ago and got into training people with simple and effective methods. I know and want to grow the strong connection to the underlying theme of supporting healthy weight loss and helping people live happier, healthier lives.

With professional guidance and the accountability and support you won’t find anywhere else, you will finally find the motivation, un-beatable mindset and, guidance and discover the best you.


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