Elephant Sweeper

 “You don’t let the guy with the broom control how many elephants are in the parade.”

-Merlin Mann

It’s true if you’re going to make changes, there will be those that resist change.

If you change a government, there will lobbyist.

If you change your friends there will be dramatists.

If you change your life, there will be pessimists.

Only you can be excited enough to see the future of what you are doing. Those who don’t share that vision often won’t support it.

Some will support you and they are friends.

Some won’t and they are just people who are friendly.

If you’re going to shake things up. If you’re going to cause a ruckus. If you want to change your life – there will be nay-sayers around you. There always are. They don’t want you to grow without them.

They don’t want to be “left behind” but truly, they just refuse to move forward themselves.

You will have to insulate yourself from them if you’re going to fully emerge into yourself.

If they have it their way there will be no change. You will not become you.

You see the spectacle and joy on children’s faces when there are more elephants in a parade. All they will see is a mess left by elephants.

No elephants, no parade.




So, You’re Stuck.

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Warning: Intense.

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