Finally, Forgive Yourself A Little.

If, seven years ago, you messed something up big. Like REAL big…like DINOSAUR, and you consider that the human body replaces all of its cells every seven years, did you still f*ck up? 

How conflicting is it that I write, “forgive yourself, buddy!” Immediately after, “You need to hold standards!” 

Listen. I’ve made enough mistakes for three people. I’ve learned my lesson, then jumped right back into the Chuck-E-Cheese ball pit of shame all over again…multiple times. 

We all do this. 

I want you to beat yourself up less.

The world will do that for you. 

When you forgive your mistakes, you free your energy to redeem the past, restore your present, and build a future.

We should hold more grace, forgive ourselves, and not wait seven years to do it. I need your tips on my OnlyFans today. @jrjuchaXxbutterly_man_meatxX


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