First Annual Community Games

jrjuchaVC12M1aPlease join us at our In House Competition for WLRCF members only on Saturday, December 13th. This

will be team competition with both Men’s and Women’s Rx and Scaled Divisions. It is an “all inclusive”

competition meaning that all movements can be scaled and still considered which singles jewish friendfinder finder site RX (banded pull-ups, lower

weights, singles as opposed to dubs, etc). There will be no entry fee however there will be limited shirts

printed especially for this event or sale @ $25.00and all proceeds will go directly to the Construction costs for our CF Kids room.


Each team will be 3 men and 3 women. You will be placed on a team by our staff in order to promote an

even spread in abilities and encourage teamwork and fun.

Register by November 29th. Teams will be announced on the day of the competition. Each team will

receive time with a coach to strategize wods and a plan to succeed in a team new jay z singles environment.

The aims of this competition are TO HAVE FUN and give you a competition experience without having to

dive into a regional-level event.


Event Schedule:

9:00 Check-in

9:30 Team assignment

9:45 Team warm up with coach

 10:00 WOD 1


12:00 amrap

7 Ground to overhead 115/75

7 C2B pull ups *(7 ring rows from parallel)

7 Thrusters 115/75

10:15 Recovery time (15:00)

 10:30 WOD 2

“Separation Anxiety”

With a running clock of 5:00

Teammates 1 & 2 (M/F) will both find a 1 RM Hang Clean & Jerk

Teammates 3 & 4 (M/F) will row for max Calories/ Jump for max dubs *(singles will count and be divided

by 3 for score)

Teammates 5 & 6 (M/F) Will Perform an Amrap of DB man-makers 20lb dbs/ 15 lb dbs

10:35 Recovery time (10:00)

 10:45 WOD 3

“Flying V”

Teammates 1, 2 & 3 (F/F/F) will complete 60 front rack lunges @75/65/55lbs in unbroken sets of 20

lunges per casual sex in florence south dakota teammate.

Set 1 done at 75lbs / set 2 done at 65lbs / set 3 done at 55lbs or scaled

* The 55lb weight may be replaced by any weight to accommodate individual ability. The non-working

teammates will perform 10 burpees each while the working partner does lunges.

After all 60 lunges are performed, the women will tag out with the men and then the men will complete

the same Wod @ 95/85/75lbs

Set 1 done at 95lbs / set 2 done at 85lbs / set 3 done at 75lbs or scaled

* The 75lb weight may be replaced by any weight to accommodate individual ability. The non-working

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teammates will perform free senior online dating 10 burpees each while the working partner does lunges.

After all lunges are completed, the men will meet back up gils on web cam with the women on a team platform to

complete the games!

11:00 Award ceremony/ eat and live web cam club stink

Sign up sheets will be at the box candid teen webcams for you to sign up and enter your shirt size. (shirt designs will be released later this week)


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