Happiness, The Key to Progress In The Gym.

Happy people work harder, stay longer, and get more done.

Miserable people put in the minimum required work and reap a similar reward.

That may upset some miserable people. Go figure.

Many years of coaching people have shown me the power of perspective, the fact that one person sees a problem or a failure, and another sees a challenge or an opportunity to improve.

Happy people will work harder. They learn faster, and they make connections at the gym. They finish the workout and can even be a little bummed after it’s over. And after training? They stay late and chat with others!

Being a generally happy person makes it easy to keep showing up to something that, with enough visits, will change your body, your mind, and your life.

An unhappy person has only discipline to keep them coming back. “I spent the money on this program, so I better show up.”

Discipline will keep you going, but it won’t make you want it. It’s tough to make yourself do things you don’t want. It breeds resentment and, ultimately, completes the cycle of giving up to start over in a year or so.

The gym won’t fix crappy managers at work, but it can make you strong enough to confront them. The gym may save you from cancer, but it can’t heal your relationship with your in-laws.

So, if you want to get further in the gym, remember to take care of your life outside of the gym.

Now that I write this, I’m pretty sure I need to return a sander to Laney’s Dad.


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