Happy New Year. You’re Negative.

Happy New Year! You’re wired to be negative.

But that’s because you’re a human.

Humans have to experience positivity, it gives us the strength to pull through the negative times in our life. We mainly do that through seeing progress on a goal and positive social interaction.

We also need routine. We need to know when to wake up, and when to leave for work or the gym. We need to anticipate when to shut it down and go to bed to replenish ourselves. If you don’t create a routine, you exhaust yourself and can’t function at the level you need to see progress on those goals.

So I want to give you something that addresses both.
You may have seen programs like #75hard. My ranger friend, Jeff Smith crushed it. Everyone else I know gave up.

Here’s a brash statement; #75hard is not hard, it’s just drastically different than the life most people lead. The Sentinelese people might call #75hard a vacation. We don’t know for sure, because they keep spearing the planes that fly over their island.

But, you know what is hard? Do you know what is tough?

Talking yourself up each morning, articulating how your day is going to play out, and physically exerting yourself each day.

So instead of #75hard, Let’s do something tough.

Friends don’t let friends fall for New Years Resolutions.

Instead, I’d rather give you something that will pay off for them. Give them this instead.

#21tough is 21 days of positively re-organizing your mind each morning, explicitly stating how you’re going to live your day, and cementing the positive impact on your brain through a short physical workout you can do at home or on a playground.

You can do the program with them, even if you already come to the gym.

If you’d like the program to give them or to yourself, just hit reply and I’ll email it to you.


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