A Quick Bit of Fitness B.S.

Why you can’t have the body you want – You believe a bunch of B.S.

Here’s a super short example to prove it.

Let’s start with a lie you probably believe: “You only use 10% of your brain.”

Truth: We use the vast majority of our brains, Just not all at once, and not for what you think. You’re not allowed to be in charge of life-sustaining functions like breathing and blood flow. Nature decided that you are too lazy and easily distracted for that job. You’ll forget to breathe, and you’ll die. So, your brain runs millions of functions that you aren’t aware of, in order to let your conscience focus on what’s in front of you, like tigers or potholes in the road.

There’s no storage locker of unused brain cells.

What’s important is improving how well you use the 10% you have control of. That’s an exercise in lifestyle changes and challenging yourself. 

Becoming smarter, or more intellectually formidable means being intentional with the “thinky-thinky parts” you already have. 

Two examples of intention: Reading books does not make anyone smart, but smart people challenge themselves to read books. Veggies don’t make you healthy unless you take advantage of them and consume them even when you would rather eat Chic-Fil-A and thus, become “Thic-Fil-A.”

The main message: Your body spent millions of years evolving to buy you this window of cognitive power. What will you do with it?

I’ve got a 4-week Nutrition reset I’m putting my 1v1 clients through. If you want me to coach you in challenging yourself with maximum returns, send me a message.


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