The One-Armed CrossFitter

Logan Aldridge has one arm, and could probably beat me in a hugging competition. Because you don’t need two arms to do anything. You need a mind that will make anything possible, and Logan built one of those minds.

I say built; because Logan wasn’t born the way he is. He lost his arm in a wakeboarding accident as a teenager. He had to choose between a diminished life, and the path of not letting a single event or circumstance dictate his outcome.

So many of us find reasons to not create what we want. People with stories like logan don’t need to “find” them. It’s there, every day in the mirror. So, if you think “I work too much, I CAN’T do this.” Well, hold up there Mr. Two-Good-Arms. Look in the mirror and try saying “Okay, I work a f*ck-ton. It is what it is. What CAN I do.”

When you see Logan, you see a guy with one arm.
When he cleans 225lb with one arm, you see a guy doing more than most, with half as much.
When you read about logan from a blog, he made it there because he made up his mind.

And, it doesn’t matter much if he was missing an arm or a leg or ear… all of it was always in his head.


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